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Presentations for new BikeSurf projects

For those interested in setting up their own BikeSurf project in Berlin or other cities, we have created the following overview presentations for your information.

Happy reading.

Presentation on setting up your own BikeSurf Project

Training presentation for new BikeSurfBerlin members

Please feedback with any queries or suggested improvements you may have.

Critical Mass (plus more T-shirts)

"Hmm, here comes the freezing Berlin winter... I know, let's organise a bike ride!"

Our first BikeSurf gathering! On Saturday we led a group of avid and amateur cyclists as well as tandem bike virgins on a little tour around a couple of our favourite spots in Berlin, followed by some apples, cakes, tube repairing and t-shirt printing later on. The meeting spot: Lampke bicycle-bits-n-bobs shop in Kreuzberg, to give the guys there a quick BSB thanks for selling the cheapest bike parts in Berlin and keeping our bikes on the road.

With that short visit over, we 18 bike lovers hopped on our bikes and headed southwards towards Tempelhof airport. Indeed, some had more success than others: Two of our friends from North America kept those at the back of the group entertained not just with their Halloween costumes, but also with their tandem bike kickoff skills, rolling first into a tree, then into a window, followed by a close encounter with two kids and their drinking cup. (Don…

T-shirt production: Part 3

Knowing that only Bruce Springstein is the only guy to get away with wearing white T-shirts and most people having darker T-shirts, I started to experiment using a bleach technique.

This requires fewer and cheaper materials but is way more tricky; I should have been supervised by an adult, or at least Brianna.

But I will have time to perfect the technique when I help give the masterclass on T-shirt printing later today on at our Critical Mass.

T-shirt production: Part 2

In order to look super snazzy for our Critical Mass Bike Ride on Saturday, 3rd November (see poster below), we have ramped up production of our BSB T-shirts ie now there a total of six T-shirts in the world and two of those are in the US.

Thanks to Tim (BSB logo designer), we had a rather excellent stencil, with which we could stipple away with our newly acquired fabric paint. The results speak for themselves.

So we got to thinking on how others could get a BSB-logo on their clothes and here's the deal:  Bring along a 100% cotton, light coloured piece of clothing (not green) on Saturday, November 3rd to our Critical Mass and we will do a workshop on how to put our logo on your clothes and you'll get to take the results home.

Another idea on Saturday, is a workshop in puncture repair. This means that you all will learn the fine art of puncture repair and also help us out with our backload of punctured tubes.