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Auction action

It happens once every two months and, if you are a fan of bikes, it is absolute must see - the Polizei auction in Berlin.

After a winter break, there were even more bikes on offer this time - nearly 300 in total.

Met Mylene, Andrew and Patrick there and there was an excited buzz among us. Always curious and on the look out for a cheap bike that can enter service with BikeSurfBerlin, I am practically a veteran of these auctions at this point.

The clientele mostly consists of the hearty bike traders in winter, as opposed to the inquisitive hipster population that frequents such events in summer.

After a perusal of the available bikes from 8:00 to 10:00, the bidding starts, thankfully indoors. We are all here with different missions: Mylene, a kickass trekking bike that will be reliant enough to complete 2000km without flinching, eagle eyes Patrick ever eager to snap up a bargain with resale value and me with my more meagre BikeSurfBerlin budget of 10€ maximum per bike.

And we're of…

BikeSurfBerlin - "Two legs good, Free wheels better!"

Our first official BikeSurfBerlin video - we have entered this into the veloberlin film festival, so will be looking for your votes from 18th February. Spread the BSB message by linking this video!